African Tours & Safari Destinations

Empathy Tours is a top-rated private tour operator that provides local expertise in various destinations ranging from Uganda to its neighbouring countries and beyond.

Luxury Safari Destinations in East Africa

East Africa is one of the top locations for luxury safaris because of its distinctive animals, scenic grandeur, and various cultures. With a variety of safari alternatives to choose from, Africa is the actual home of a luxury safari. During carefully guided safari activities, you can remain in exquisite accommodation while viewing some of the world’s finest wildlife richness. Explore further by hiking to the top of a famous peak. Fly over ancient rivers and waterfalls in a helicopter, or track and witness endangered gorillas. Empathy Tours will make your luxury safari to Africa a reality.


When you are looking for outstanding tailor-made safaris to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania we work around your personal interest and prepare the best-tailored safari package and holiday trips that fit your time and budget.